Sabtu, 25 Oktober 2014

Faber Castell Grip 2001 Pencil

I stopped into local art/pen store today and bought four of these pencils in different grades. I love the look. I'm already happy with the Faber-Castell E-Motion mechanical pencil I have. These woooden Grip pencils are pretty slick, worth checking out.

Faber Castell Grip 2001 Wooden Pencil: "Can pencils still inspire people in the age of computers and the internet? They can: be they short, long, round, angular, smooth, with integrated sharpener and eraser – FABER-CASTELL has always offered and will continue to offer an attractive range of innovative products.

Now, Faber-Castell has introduced another new concept – an inspirational world first for pencils."

Check out a great review at The Pencil Revolution.

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