Minggu, 26 Oktober 2014

Wizbang - We Need More Nuclear Power

Jay Tea has a good post over at Wizbank today on the subject of nuclear power and nuclear reactors. I agree completely that we need to build and use more nuclear power plants. The eco-nuts have stifled plans to build more plants in the U.S. for the better part of thirty years. And as Jay said, "Ted Kennedy's driving has killed more people than Three Mile Island has".

I still believe that the modern nuke technology is much safer than it used to be and well worth the risks considering the trade-offs. Think of all the coal that wouldn't be burned?

The opponents of nuclear power do a lot of hand-wringing about what to do with the nuclear waste. Doesn't Europe use a lot of nuclear power? Let's ask them how they deal w/ the nuclear waste. Liberals seem to want to look to Europe for guidance for everything else.

Wizbang On Nuclear Power: "New Hampshire has a nuclear power plant. The Seabrook Station was originally intended to have two reactors, but due to huge protests from the anti-nuclear crowd and economic necessities, only the first was completed. The incomplete containment dome sits next to it, a spectre of what might have been.

But with the increase in oil prices and the steadily rising demand for electricity, some people are looking at that second structure and wondering if the time has come to complete it."

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